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SLT Meaning On Truck: What Does SLT or SLE On Truck Mean?

We’ve written many articles about specific trucks and SUVs so we know you will likely come across the terms SLE and SLT when looking for a car of this kind. The difference between the trim levels isn’t always obvious. We have you covered. Let’s begin with a quick response:

Special Luxury Trim stands for Special Luxury Trim. It is used on GMC trucks, SUVs and some Dodge trucks. Special Luxury Edition is a trim that is only available on GMC trucks or SUV’s. The SLT package offers more luxury features than the SLE package and includes more options. The SLT package is approximately $5,000 less than the SLE package.

But that’s not the end of the story. We’ve detailed which trucks and SUVs can make use of the trim levels in this blog. We then detail the differences between each trim level for each truck or SUV. We also explain the differences in price between each package for each model of car that uses it. Continue reading!

Which trucks have an SLT or SLE trim?

First, trucks cannot have the SLT/SLE trim levels. This is because manufacturers have chosen to use it. There are no other reasons for this. It’s also good to know that all GMC trucks are equipped with the SLE or SLT trim levels. The following trucks come with both the SLE or SLT packages:

  • GMC Acadia
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • GMC Sierra 2500HD
  • GMC Sierra 3500HD
  • GMC Terrain
  • GMC Yukon

Dodge is also a GMC vehicle, and uses the SLT trim level. This is an obvious extension, since GMC also owns Dodge. Please note that not all Dodge trucks come with an SLT or SLE trim. Only the Dodge Ram 1500 (and 2500) have an option for an SLT package. Dodge does not offer the SLE package.

  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Dodge Ram 2500

There are differences between SLT and SLE

You may also be interested in the differences between the SLT or SLE packages. We have listed all GMC trucks that still use these trim levels. We also explain the differences in the trim levels of each truck. Let’s continue.

GMC Acadia

2022 GMC Acadia SLE and SLT trims have a turbocharged 2.0L turbocharged engines with 258 lb/ft torque. The SLT can be upgraded to a 3.0L V6. Acadia SLE can tow up to 3,500 lbs. With towing package, the Acadia SLE has a maximum towing weight of 3,500 lbs. The SLT has a maximum weight of 4,000 lbs. With the V6 engine and towing package.

Both versions come with a 9-speed auto transmission for the 2.0L engine, while the SLT has this transmission for the 3.0L V6.

Acadia SLT features a heads-up display as well as HD surround vision and heated rear outboard seats. These features are not available in the GMC SLE. The Acadia SLT includes the GMC Pro Safety Plus and Driver Convenience Packages, while the SLE has only the GMC Pro Safety Plus package.

GMC Sierra 1500

The standard 2021 GMC Acadia SLE features a 2.7L turbocharged motor, which can be upgraded up to a 3.0L Duramax TurboDiesel. The SLT version, however, uses a 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 EcoTec3 engine. This can either be upgraded to a 3.0L I6 Duramax Turbo-Diesel or downgraded to a 6.2L EcoTec3.

The SLE’s standard GVWR is 7,000 pounds while the SLT’s is 7,100. Each can be increased to maximum 7,300 pounds. The standard SLT has an integrated trailer brake controller as well as the ProGrade trailering system. This gives you HD surround vision and makes it easier to drive with trailers. Both have the towing package standard.

GMC Sierra 2500HD

The 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD features a 6.6L engine in both the SLE or SLT trim levels. Both can be upgraded to a Duramax Turbo-Diesel 6.6L V8 in either case. Both trim levels have a 6-speed heavy-duty, automatic transmission. Both can be upgraded to a 10-speed auto. Only the SLE has this 10-speed transmission with integrated power take-off.

As a standard feature, the Sierra 2500HD SLT includes a Prograde Trailering system and a HD Rear Vision Camera. These options are available for the SLE package. HD Surround Vision is available in the SLT package, but it is not available in the SLE package. Digital Variable Steering Assist comes standard on the SLT trim, but it is not available on SLE.

SLE packages have a maximum GVWR standard of 10,150 pounds while SLT packs have 10,350 pounds. This can be increased to a maximum weight of 11,050 in either case.

GMC Sierra 3500HD

The 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD features a 6.6L engine in both the SLE or SLT trim levels. Both can be upgraded to a Duramax Turbo-Diesel 6.6L V8 in either case. Both trim levels have a 6-speed heavy-duty, automatic transmission. Both can be upgraded to a 10-speed auto. Only the SLE has this 10-speed transmission with integrated power take-off.

The SLE and SLT both have a maximum GVWR standard of 11,350 pounds. However, both can be upgraded up to a maximum weight of 12,100 pounds. The SLT only has an HD rear-vision camera, while the SLE can have it as an option. The SLT also offers HD Surround Vision, which is not available on the SLE.

The SLT comes standard with the Autotrac 2-speed transmission case, while the SLE can be ordered with it. Digital Variable Steering Assist (SLT) is standard and an option for the SLE. Both trims have an optional bed view camera and an auxiliary trailer camera.

GMC Terrain

The 2022 GMC Terrain’s SLE and SLT packages differ primarily in their external appearances and internal features. As a standard, the SLE comes with 17-inch silver-painted aluminum wheels. The SLT package has 18-inch. These can be upgraded to 19 inches on the SLT package.

Fog lamps and a hands-free, programmable liftgate are standard features on the SLT. The SLT also has heated outside mirrors equipped with indicators. The SLE, on the other hand, has heated outside mirrors with indicators but no indicators. The SLE does not have a liftgate, nor do the fog lamps.

The SLT’s adjustment options for both the passenger and driver seats are more complex than those of the SLE. The SLE has a 17-inch infotainment screen while the SLT has an 18. The SLT has ambient interior lighting, while the SLE does not. –

The SLT comes standard with heated front seats for both the driver and passenger. They are also available as an option in the SLE. The SLT comes with a heated steering wheel, but it is not available in the SLE.

GMC Yukon

A 5.3L V8 is standard on the 2021 GMC Yukon in the SLE and SLT packages. You can also choose a Duramax Turbo Diesel engine of 3.0L. These engines can be connected to a 10-speed auto transmission in both cases.

HD Surround Vision is an option on the Yukon SLT, but not for the SLE. GMC Pro Safety Plus is available on the SLT, but not for the SLE. Navigation is an option on the SLT, but not on the SLE.

The SLT has heated and ventilated front seats, while the SLE doesn’t. The SLT offers heated second-row outboard seats, which are not available on the SLE. The SLT offers more options for appearance, including chrome door handles and illuminated logos.

What is the Price Difference Between a SLE and SLT Trim Levels?

It’s also worth knowing the price differences between SLE and SLT packages. The SLE package is usually cheaper than the SLT because it has more luxurious features.

Below is a breakdown of the exact differences in prices for FWD versions, including SUVs and trucks with the SLE/SLT packages. We used the 2022 versions for all cars except the Yukon and Sierra 1500, which have only 2021 versions. This is the conclusion.

The average SLE package for a GMC truck/SUV costs $5,000 less than that of the SLT package.

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What Is The Ford Ranger Bolt Pattern? – Answered

We have written extensively about Ford Ranger. Today we’ll discuss the information that you need to choose the right tires or rims to fit your Ranger. We’ll be looking at the bolt patterns for each generation. Let’s begin with a short answer:

From 2004 to 2012, the Ford Ranger’s first generation was sold in the United States. It has a bolt design of 5×4.5 (114.3mm) and a center bore measuring 2.78 inches (70.6mm). There are five lug nuts that have a thread size M12x1.25 and must be tightened using 99.5lb-ft (135Nm).

The Ford Ranger 2nd generation sold in the United States starting 2019 – Present features a bolt pattern 6×5.5 (6×139.7mm), an interior bore of 3.66 inches (93.1mm) and six lug nuts that have a thread size M12x1.5. These lug nuts must be tightened using 99.5lbft (135Nm of force).

But that’s not the end of the story. We have provided more information below on the bolt pattern for each generation. We discuss the specific lugs and bolts used, the diameter of the central bore hub, as well as the torque specifications for the bolts. We also provide information on the exact size of each engine’s rim and tire sizes. This will allow you to know exactly what you can and cannot purchase. Continue reading!

Specifications for Wheel Fitment Per Generation

You need to be familiar with more than the bolt pattern in order to properly fit a wheel on your Ranger. We’ve listed all of the important factors for each Ranger generation below. These factors include the center bore diameter, wheel tightening force, wheel tightening torque and whether lug nuts are used or bolts.

Also, we want to make it clear that the specifications listed below are the same for all models in that particular generation. The Ranger is available in a variety of trim levels and engine options. These bolt patterns, lugs and torque specifications are the same for all models in a given generation.

We also provided information about the exact size of each rim and tire for each engine option, so you have a clear idea of which tires you can and cannot purchase.

2019 – 2022

  • Ford Ranger equipped with a 2.3 EcoBoost II4 engine has a standard tire size either 255/70R16, LT265/65R17, and a standard rim of 7Jx16 ET55.

2004 – 2012

  • Ford Ranger equipped with a 2.3 I4 engine or 3.0 V6 motor has a standard size tire of 225/70R15, and a standard rim of 6Jx15 ET12.
  • Ford Ranger comes with a 4.0-V6 engine and standard tires of 245/75R16, and standard rim sizes of 7Jx16 ET12.

Bolts to tighten

We have already mentioned that most Ranger generations come with five to six lug nuts. When mounting the wheel to the car, these lug nuts must be used in a particular way. We have taken the time to explain this information in our owner’s manual. Ford recommends that you bolt these nuts as shown below. Follow a crisscrossing pattern.

The second round is where you tighten the bolts with the wheel wrench to the required lbs-ft/Nm as we have previously stated. The bolts for the Ranger’s latest generation must be tightened to 99.5 Lb-ft.

Your wheel should have a cover or center cap. They should be attached in the same manner. You should tighten them with your hands first. Next, tighten them a quarter turn with the wheel wrench.

Also, it is important to make sure that the lug nuts have not been removed after traveling for 30 miles (48 km). Make sure that they are securely fastened and in good condition. If they are not tightened properly, tighten them again. If this continues, replace the wheel.

Why and When to Rotate/Change Tires

Suppose you’re changing your tire. It is important to know exactly when it should be changed or rotated. Let’s start with changing your tires. The average tire lasts between 60,000 and 75,000 miles, or about 4-5 years. Tires should be replaced after this time. It can happen earlier so it is a good idea keep an eye on tread wear indicators. The image below shows these indicators. These indicators indicate when tires have less than 1.6mm (1/16 inch) of tread left.

Rotating your tires is another occasion where you will need to remove your tires. According to the Ranger’s owner’s manual, this should be done every 7,500 miles or 12,000 km. The following diagram shows how to rotate your tires. The front tires should be moved to the rear, while the front tires should move to the front.

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